Sustainability Strategy
A sustainable future means creating a world where we, the people around us, and our planet thrive together – and making sure future generations also thrive.

We are in a brilliant position to help drive the change needed that will make this future a reality. We all have a part to play. And it starts with Sustainable Future 2030:
our commitment to help build a cleaner, greener, more positive future by 2030.
Our Strategy
Our strategy is built on three pillars, with nine focus areas that set out what we will do to minimise waste, create opportunities for our people, and collaborate with our stakeholders to help create a more sustainable future.
Stakeholder Engagement
Customer Engagement
We engage with our customers to share our ambition and join hands with us on sustainability
Business Partnerships
We work collaboratively with our OEM partners and suppliers on sustainability
Community Involvement
We support community projects to create positive social impacts
Resource Management
Waste Minimisation
We commit to reduce waste going to landfill from our operations
Water Conservation
We aim to reduce water consumption across our operations
CO2 Emissions Reduction
We aim to reduce CO2 emissions across our operations
Employee Development
Wellbeing, Health & Safety
We create and maintain a better workplace by improving employee wellbeing, health & safety
Sustainability Culture
We promote sustainability as part of our culture
We strive to build a more diverse workforce